Wisteria – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Wisteria sinensis


Wisterias are very vigorous climbing shrubs, most useful for covering walls, pergolas, fences and the like, and even capable of smothering garages and other out-buildings beneath their growths, or growing up into trees.

However, by careful attention to pruning, they can be kept within reasonable bounds and it is, in fact, possible to train them as standard trees, their long growths weeping down to the ground.

Wisteria sinensis Pruning is done in autumn or winter, when the plants are gone over to see which shoots are to be retained to extend the growth. The remainder are then cut back to within about 3 inches of the point at which they spring from the older shoots. Longer shoots retained for extension purposes may be tipped and, to restrict growth further, all shoots may be lightly pruned in August. But, where plants are grown over trees no pruning is needed.

Wisteria sinensis is the species usually grown. It has a white variety, Wisteria alba, and one with double flowers, Wisteria plena.

Wisterias are not particularly fussy about the soil in which they are grown, but the planting site should be well pre-pared, deeply and widely dug, with ample quantities of well-rotted compost or leaf-mould incorporated.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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