White Flowers for Monochromatic Displays

Whether starkly sculptural in cool, monochromatic interiors, or delicately pretty in softer rooms, white flowers have a special quality that can be exploited to create memorable displays.

Although we usually think of flowers in terms of the colour they can bring to a room, white blooms have a very special beauty which enables us to see the individual forms and shapes more clearly. They can be used to create delicate and pretty displays for soft or cottagey rooms, or to make bold, graphic statements in modern, high-tech interiors. White flowers harmonize well with lace and antique linen, but can also match more demanding backgrounds, where smooth surfaces like glass and steel are used.

Choosing blooms

A rich variety of white flowers is available throughout the year, both from florists and the garden. They are easy to mix into casual bunches for an unpretentious effect, but groups of one type of flower also look superb, as their sculptural shapes, when seen against a foil of green, become the focus of attention.

Complementary containers

It is essential to choose containers for white flowers with care: simple glass globes, tanks and cylinders all make ideal vessels, the flower stems becoming an integral part of the overall design. Make sure. However, that leaves are not allowed to stand in the water, otherwise it will become cloudy. White china jugs look charming in a romantic setting, and traditional blue and white pottery can be combined very successfully with white blooms.

11. June 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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