When and How to Buy Shrubs and Bushes

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However early you order and buy shrubs and bushes from the nursery, is dictated by various factors not all under the control of the gardener. Accordingly, bundles of shrubs and bushes, well packed by the nursery, can be delivered if you order them, when it is quite impossible to plant them, perhaps because the ground is water-logged, frozen hard or covered with snow. The shrubs should be quite safe if the ties are loosened and they are left in their bundles, for two or three weeks, in a shed. But, as soon as the weather is suitable, even though it may not be convenient to carry out the actual planting, the shrubs should be removed from their bundles and heeled-in, until they can be planted out into their final places, normally not later than March.

Heeling-in consists merely of planting the shrubs and bushes temporarily. It is often recommended that a trench is dug and the roots of the plants set in this, laying them at an angle, and soil returned and firmed. It is much better, however, to choose a sheltered place, such as behind  a hedge, and make a trench, planting the shrubs in this so that they are upright rather than slanting. This is because, in a bad winter, it may not be possible to move them to their permanent places until growth has well started and, when this happens, and the shrubs are laid at an angle, the new shoots will grow upright producing distorted growth.

On heavy clay soils, it is a thankless task trying to heel-in shrubs and it is well worthwhile to keep a supply of friable soil mixture handy to place round the roots. Not only is this easier to handle, but it will also ensure that root development will begin without hindrance. All that remains to do then is to lift the shrubs carefully and plant them out in their permanent places after proper soil preparation.

The selection and arrangement of shrubs is very much a matter of personal choice but it is well to be guided by some general rules. In shrub borders, or other places where a number of shrubs and small trees are grown together, they should be planted in as naturalistic a manner as possible, avoiding rigidity. Rectangular shapes of beds and paths do not take full advantage of the natural symmetry of most  shrubs. The natural sequence of height is trees, tall shrubs, shrubs of medium height, low growing types and finally ground-hugging kinds. Graduation of height will facilitate closer planting and give a concentration of flowers coupled with less maintenance work in weeding.

popular shrubs - Hydrangea In recent years, popular shrubs that flower have taken an increasingly larger place in both large and small gardens. Personal likes and dislikes as regards plants vary widely but it is wise to buy shrubs and have a plant that will grow vigorously under the conditions of the garden soil and climate. Unless you aim at specialization in a particular group of plants, for competition purposes, for example, it is also advisable to choose and buy shrubs that will not only blossom for a reasonable length of time but also make a decorative feature in the garden at all times of the year.

So many kinds of popular shrubs are now available that a selection for any type of garden should be possible. In many cases, specific mention is made of varieties suitable for different types of soil, so that one can be certain of selecting the right plant for any particular area. When the specific names of hybrid races are mentioned they carry the usual multiplication sign, for example, Berberis X rubrostilla.

When you want to buy shrubs, it is well worthwhile obtaining them from a specialist nursery that stocks a wide range of plants. If care is taken in the initial stages of , an arrangement can be produced that will provide colour in the garden throughout the year. The choice of colour is again a personal matter and you  will have your own views on your favourite colour harmonies.

12. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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