Vriesia: Bromeliads

Extremely handsome bromeliads are the vriesias. Some with spectacular variegations and all forming large rosettes of long, stiff leaves. Spikes of long, narrow flowers are in some cases surrounded by brightly coloured bracts. Perhaps the best for the average greenhouse is Vriesia splendens with highly decorative 18-in. long leaves, green on the upper side and with transverse bands of reddish-brown on the underside. Its other attributes are the yellow flowers and red bracts.


For this and other vriesias the temperature in winter must be kept to at least 10°C. (50°F.), and the plants must also be kept drier at this time of year. Full sunshine is much appreciated with frequent overhead spraying and watering in summer. Drainage must be really efficient, and the compost should consist of coarse fibrous peat with some sphagnum moss and charcoal added. Increase is by seed sown in spring or by offsets removed at the same time.

01. March 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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