Vallota Speciosa: Scarborough Lily

The Scarborough Lily, Vallota speciosa, is a splendid bulbous plant for late summer and early autumn colour in the cool greenhouse or the home provided it is given a light, sunny position. The bold scarlet trumpet flowers have a superficial resemblance to the flowers of lilies. The leaves are strap shaped. A winter temperature of 4 to 10°C. (40 to 50°F.) is required.


The best month to pot the bulbs is March, one being accommodated in a 5-in. pot and grown in John Innes No. 1 Potting Compost. Annual repotting is not required; indeed this plant benefits from being slightly pot bound. This attention should only be necessary about once every three or four years. However, Vallotas should not be undernourished and mature plants may well need 9- or 10-in. pots. Established plants should be repotted in March or April.

Cyrtanthus elatus (syn. Vallota speciosa); Eng...

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Vallotas need watering freely in spring and summer but more moderately in autumn and winter; they are not bulbs which need a resting period. Some gardeners like to stand them out in a sunny frame from early summer until the flowers arrive.

From spring until early summer the plants benefit from a weekly feed with liquid or soluble fertiliser.


Propagation is by offsets, which are detached and potted separately when the plants are repotted.

01. March 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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