Ulex (Gorse)


The gorses are here classed as evergreens although the leaves are never seen, except in very young plants, as each one is changed into a formidable spine. All thrive in hot, dry soils.

Ulex europaeus (common gorse, furze or whin), 3 to 6 ft., a fine golden pea-flowered plant, a blaze of colour in April, with a sprinkling of flowers all through the year. It is an impenetrable hedging plant, particularly useful against stock.

U.e. Plenus, fragrant, double flowers mainly in spring; surpasses U. europaeus as a specimen.


English: Ulex europaeus (flowers). Location: M...

English: Ulex europaeus (flowers). Location: Maui, Makawao Forest Reserve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



19. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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