(E = evergreen)

These extremely elegant trees are perhaps seen to best advantage as a screen, for their pyramidal shape contrasts well with their drooping branches. Tsugas like a moist soil and atmosphere, and benefit from watering in dry weather.

Tsuga albertiana (western hemlock) has most attractive foliage, dark green above and silvery-grey beneath. For a hedge, put in plants 1 to 2 ft. high in September or April, spacing them about 2-½ ft. apart. Until the hedge is established, simply restrict straggly growth with secateurs; later, clip in spring and summer. When planted as a screen, tsugas will grow up to 70 ft. Put in plants that are 3 ft. high, spacing them 3 ft. apart, and remove-alternate plants when the branches begin to overlap.

Western Hemlock foliage

Western Hemlock foliage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


23. November 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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