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Tree Pruning Hand Tools

hand tools for gardening - tree pruning

  • A straight pruning saw is ideal for cutting branches 2.5-13cm (1-5in) thick. The teeth cut on the backward stroke —the strongest stroke when you are working at shoulder height. This saw has an interchangeable long or short handle.
  • A double-edged pruning saw can be used for both coarse and fine work, depending on which edge you use. Take care not to slice wanted branches with the unused edge. The blade is long and will cut quite large branches.
  • A bow saw is the best tool for cutting trunks, boughs and felled logs. The teeth are coarse and cut on both the forward and backward strokes. The bow-shaped handle gives the blade sufficient clearance to cut about 20cm (8in) deep.
  • Long-handled loppers are ideal for cutting branches which are too large or tough for secateurs, but not large enough to warrant using a saw. The handles are about 30-45cm (1 – 1-1/2ft) long, providing good leverage on the blades.
  • A folding pruning saw is more portable than any other type and is safer when not in use — the teeth are shielded inside the handle when the saw is folded in half. The blade is short and suitable for 2.5-7.5cm (1-3in) diameter branches.
  • A Grecian pruning saw has a slender, curved blade. This shape affords easier access to branches which are in confined spaces and the teeth cut deeply into the wood on the backward stroke with relatively little effort.
  • A triangular bow saw serves the same purpose as an ordinary bow saw, but the pointed nose allows better access to closely packed branches. It is less suitable for cutting trunks, boughs or logs over 13cm (5in) in diameter.
  • Long-arm tree pruners are used to cut high branches up to 2.5cm (l in) in diameter without the need to use a ladder. Some have a single arm about 1.8m (6ft) long; others have extension arms totalling 3.6m (12ft).

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