Tools for Gardening – Small Hand Tools

Small Hand Tools for Gardening

hand tools for gardening Hand trowels are used for setting out small plants and for digging out weeds. Avoid those which have a thin neck — it will bend during use. Hand forks, short or long-handled, are used for weeding and cultivating the soil around plants. They may have three or five tines, and these may be curved or flat — the latter are generally the best.

Hand cultivators, with three or five hooked tines, are used for loosening compacted soil. Three-tined models are best for heavy soil.

Onion hoes are used for general surface cultivation between rows of seedlings or other small plants.

Secateurs are hand-held, spring-loaded shears used for cutting small stems up to 1.2cm (1/2in) in diameter. Some have one blade which cuts against an anvil head, others have blades which cut with a scissors action. They range in size from small flower-gatherers to large heavy duty types, but one general-purpose pair should be adequate.

Hand shears are used for trimming hedges and for cutting long grass. The blade edges may be straight or serrated — the former being easiest to sharpen, but the latter are better for cutting woody stems.

Bill hooks are used for cutting down coarse weeds and undergrowth among overgrown plant borders and for rough pruning of woody plants.

Pruning saws, which come in various shapes and sizes (including folding models), are used for pruning or cutting back woody branches which are too large for secateurs but not large enough to warrant the use of a bow saw. Some have fine teeth on one cutting edge and coarse teeth for rougher work on the other. Bulb planters are useful for planting bulbs, especially in grass or among other plants. They consist of a metal cylinder with a serrated cutting edge which is pushed into the soil by means of a handle.

Garden lines, consisting of a reel of string fastened at each end to a spike, are used for marking out seed drills and straight edges.

Dibbers are used for making planting holes. They may be pencil-sized sticks used for inserting small plants or cuttings, or larger versions up to 2.5cm (1 in) in diameter for planting vegetables.

Daisy grubbers are small, fork-tipped implements designed specially for extracting daisies and other rosette-forming weeds from lawns.

Paving stone cleaners are scraping tools used for slicing off weeds and moss growing between paving stones.

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