Tips for Growing Senecio


Common name: none

Family: Asteraceae

Shrubs with silvery foliage are particularly useful for adding variety to the border, and it is for this reason and for its bright yellow daisy-like flowers that Senecio ‘Sunshine’ (AGM) is grown. This very popular and widely seen shrub is now more correctly listed under Brachyglottis, but it is still best known and most widely sold as senecio, so for this reason its former name is used here.


senecio greyiPopular species and varieties

‘Sunshine’ (AGM) is one of a group of hybrids raised in New Zealand. It has featured in our gardens for many years, and has been incorrectly known as Senecio greyi or Senecio laxiflorus. It is a rather lax, sprawling shrub around 1m (36in) in height. The foliage is silver-grey and stands up well to maritime conditions. In early summer loose heads of rather coarse, yellow daisy flowers appear



Soil type Provided it is well-drained, any soil is suitable.

Planting Choose a sunny, sheltered spot. Plant in autumn or spring. This shrub is reasonably hardy but may not survive severe winters.

Pruning Maintain a neat shape by removing any dead or straggly shoots — do this at any time of year, apart from when it is in full bloom. To prolong the flowering period, remove flowers as they fade.

Propagation Take semi-ripe cuttings from non-flowering shoots in the summer

Pests and diseases Generally trouble free.

18. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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