The Garden During Summer Holidays

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Careful planning can overcome most of the difficulties presented by leaving a garden untended during the growing and harvesting seasons.

The following checklist can help you return to a healthy and not too overgrown garden after your holidays:


1. Clip the hedges. If they are left untouched they will grow too thick for quick attention on return from holiday.

2. Complete any summer pruning of fruit-trees and shrubs, as they can produce a considerable amount of unnecessary growth in two or three weeks during the summer.

3. Clear all finished crops, such as lettuce, radishes or early peas. Proper planning at sowing time will have prevented a glut during the holiday period. Pick all fruit that is ready and preserve it by making jam, bottling or deep freezing.

4. Tie in all new growth on wall plants, on roses growing on posts, and on tomatoes. A storm can do considerable damage to summer growth that has been left hanging loose.


5. Deal with any pests or diseases. If they are left even for a week or two during warm weather, they may develop beyond control.

6. Remove all weeds, especially those which are likely to flower or seed during the holiday. Frequent use of the hoe in borders and along the rows of the vegetable garden is the quickest way to cope with this problem.

7. Mow the lawn very closely as late in the week as possible, and trim the edges.

8. Remove any small runner bean and French bean pods, and mulch along the rows of peas and beans with the lawn clippings to conserve moisture against dry weather.

9. Cut off all flower heads and any buds which are likely to blossom during the holiday. If they are left, the flowers will be in a faded condition at the end of the holiday. New buds will form very soon.

10. Remove from the greenhouse such plants as primulas, pelargoniums, chrysanthemums and begonias, and plunge the pots in soil in a shady part of the garden where they will require much less water.

11. Fumigate the greenhouse with smoke pellets as a safeguard against the spread of an attack by greenfly or white fly.

12. Make arrangements with a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on the plants in the greenhouse.


13. Open fully the top and side ventilators in the greenhouse, as a fresh, buoyant atmosphere will discourage pests and diseases, and help to prevent the temperature from soaring during full sunshine.

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