Syringa (Lilac)

(deciduous leaf-losing)

The lilacs are well-loved shrubs which grow from 8 to 12 ft. high, and flower in late April or early May. Plant from October to February in a sunny position, in a good soil fed occasionally with liquid manure or mulched with rotted com-post. Prune moderately after flowering to remove dead flower heads, thin out any weak growths, and remove all suckers from named varieties. There is quite a range of colour among the hybrids.

Recommended double varieties of Syringa vulgaris are:

Charles Joly, dark red flowers.

A lilac bush (Syringa vulgaris) showing a pani...

A lilac bush (Syringa vulgaris) showing a panicle with multiple flowers in bloom and leaves. Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Madame Lemoine, pure white flowers.

President Grevy, lilac flowers, which are carried in very large clusters.

Recommended single varieties of S. vulgaris are:

Etna, wine-purple flowers.

Jan van Tol, white flowers.

Marechal Foch, large clusters of carmine-rose flowers.

Souvenir de Louis Spaeth, dark red flowers.

18. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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