Summer Tasks in the Garden

In summer…

… many regular tasks need to be done.

• Remove dead flower heads and wilted foliage immediately, as well as dry or dead branches.

• Remove bulbs when the leaves have died down. Plant autumn-flowering bulbs and tubers at the same time.

• Make sure everything has enough water.

• If you have used compost with fertilizer when potting new plants in the spring, June is the time to add more fertilizer because the initial amount is usually exhausted after 4 to 6 weeks. Conifers need fertilizers containing magnesium.

• Give a summer pruning to all roses after repeat flowering, whether they are bedding, climbers or standards. Cut off any old shoots and cut back flowering shoots. At the same time give the plants some special rose fertilizer.

• Feed tomato plants regularly with tomato fertilizer and pinch out any side shoots that appear.

• From July remove strawberry runners and fasten them down in soil in the open or in pots. Water well and cover with fleece.

• Start harvesting of herbs, vegetables and fruit as they become ready, according to type and kind.

• In late summer harvest seed from annual and perennial flowers, shrubs and grasses.

• Sow seeds of biennial plants.

• Take cuttings of pelargoniums, chrysanthemums, fuchsias and some woody plants.

• Make arrangements for your plants to be looked after while you are on holiday.

• In late summer protect tomatoes, paprika, aubergines or eggplants and other warmth-loving vegetable varieties with foil to encourage ripening.

21. March 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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