Succulent Plants: Echeveria derenbergii

Succulent plants

Succulent Plants - Echeveria derenbergii Echeveria derenbergii makes a rosette of pale blue leaves with pink edges. The small yellow flowers appear at the tip of a long stem from the middle of the rosette.

Lithops Bella is just one of hundreds of types of stone plants. Individual plants measure about half an inch across and in time build up large clumps. In this particular variety the leaves are brownish-yellow with brown indented markings and white daisy-like flowers.

Sanseveria trifasciata laurentii is the popular mother-in-law’s tongue plant. The long narrow leaves are dark green, mottled with light green and edged with yellow.

Senecio herreianus, known as the string of beads plant, is a creeping plant with globular leaves resembling miniature gooseberries.

Stapelia grandiflora consists of short thin angular stems. The flowers are very spectacular, measure 15cm (6in) across, are covered in hairs and smell of decaying meat.

Any of the plants in this list are also quite suitable for growing in the home and present no problems in cultivation. As one becomes more interested in cactus growing one comes across varieties that are rather more exacting in their requirements and need special greenhouse conditions. Such varieties are not usually available from florists but have to be obtained from cactus nurseries.

07. September 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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