Success with Indoor Ferns

Anyone can have luxuriant green foliage in their living room all year round. Our great grandparents knew this and stocked their parlours with many splendid types of ferns. Ever since, these exotic evergreen plants with their elegant palm-frond leaves have been listed among the most popular houseplants of all. Unfortunately, what could be a wonderful display is often ruined as the wrong position and mistakes in care soon cause ferns to turn yellow and dry up.

Pellaea falcata

Here, in the Indoor Fern section, we show you how to care for tropical ferns according to the requirements of the individual species so that they will flourish for a long time, even when grown under less favourable conditions. Simple step-by-step instructions and numerous colour illustrations are used to demonstrate all that you need to know about the care of ferns and to prove the immense variety of these decorative plants, as well as to explain their astonishing methods of reproduction. The beautiful colour photographs specially taken for this volume will introduce you to the most popular indoor ferns along with some rarities for both beginner and expert to enjoy.

23. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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