A tender evergreen climbing shrub which can be grown in a greenhouse where a minimum winter temperature of 7°C. (45°F.) can be maintained is the attractive Streptosolen Jamesonii. This plant bears bright orange flowers from June to September.


Specimens grown in 6- or 7-in. pots in John Innes No. 1 Potting Compost will make a good display as will those planted directly in the greenhouse border in good loamy soil. Potting is best carried out between February and April. Good light and plenty of sunshine are essential requirements. The greenhouse in which this plant is grown need not be heated during the summer.

Streptosolen is a plant which needs plenty of water in spring and summer but much less in autumn and winter, when the compost must be kept just moist and no more, to avoid trouble. An occasional feed with weak liquid or soluble fertiliser during the summer is recommended.

The growths should be trained up wires or on bamboo canes to the rafters and they should be pruned back quite hard when flowering has finished, to prevent the plants becoming straggly.


Cuttings taken in the usual way in spring or summer can be rooted in a light, sandy compost in a propagating frame. A temperature of 16 to 18°C. (60 to 65°F.) is necessary.

01. March 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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