Strawberry : Fragaria x ananassa

There is always room for strawberries on a balcony and terrace. The wild form of this member of the Rosaceae family can be found throughout Europe. There are a number of varieties that will also grow very well in hanging baskets and containers. In order to develop fruit, strawberry plants need plenty of sun and regular watering. They should be placed in a position where they are protected from the wind and rain.

Fragaria x ananassa.

Fragaria x ananassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plant in spring in potting compost to which a slow-release fertilizer has been added. The container should be large enough for the roots to develop. Put straw around the plant so as to cover the soil. This will prevent the fruit from rotting. By choosing varieties that ripen at different times, you can prolong the harvest time. Repeat-fruiting varieties will produce fruit throughout summer until the autumn. They can be propagated from runners in late summer.


03. April 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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