Stephanotis Floribunda

A delightful shrub for the greenhouse, provided one can supply the right conditions, is Stephanotis floribunda. This tender, evergreen twining plant which bears clusters of fragrant, pure white flowers from May to July – and sometimes carries blooms in the winter as well -needs warm greenhouse conditions and a minimum winter temperature of 13°C. (55°F.). The flowers are borne in the axils of the leaves and as they open fill the greenhouse with their heavy fragrance. This shrub is best trained on wires or canes up one side of a span-roof greenhouse or against the wall of a lean-to.

Stephanotis floribunda will be perfectly happy in a large pot. Provided it is given a lime-free soil and is fed regularly with a liquid or soluble fertiliser in spring. Summer and autumn, but it is better grown in a border of rich, lime-free loam with good drainage. No pruning is needed beyond the removal of weak shoots in spring.


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Increase is by cuttings made in spring from shoots of the previous year’s growth. These are inserted singly in 2-in. pots filled with a mixture of sand and peat and rooted in a propagating frame with a temperature of 18 to 24°C. (65 to 75°F.).

Pest Control

The two main pests of this plant are mealy bug and scale insects. Spraying the plants with derris or malathion will effectively control mealy bug, and spraying with an oil emulsion or malathion, or fumigation with nicotine will combat scale insects.

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