Spring Daffodils

Cheerful Spring Daffodils come in many shapes, sizes and colours. What better way to display their bold trumpets, than in a miniature rustic well that is a feature in its own right?

Bursting out of a quaint miniature rustic well, a cluster of golden Daffodils makes a really cheery sight in the early Spring. There are so many types of Daffodil and Narcissus available these days, that it is impossible to even describe all the different shapes and forms. They come with bold trumpets, wide cups and even split trumpets that resemble normal petals, not to mention the large array of double forms on offer. Colours vary from a pure white through creamy yellows to the brightest gold, and now even peachy-pinks.

Plant the bulbs either ‘in the green’ in Spring, or plant dormant bulbs in the Autumn, about 10cm (4in) deep. Your efforts will be rewarded with a bold show for years to come.


Water needs

Although the well will be situated outside, don’t forget that the bulbs will require regular watering. The top of the well is covered by a small ‘roof that will prevent any rain reaching the compost and watering the bulbs for you.


Put a good layer of drainage material in the bottom of the well, making sure you cover the drainage holes, to prevent the compost from leaching out during watering.

Pieces of tile or broken flower pots are ideal.

The bulbs will be happiest in a free-draining, loam-based compost, so add up to a quarter by volume of horticultural grit to the mixture, if necessary. Fill the well to a level about 15cm (6in) below the rim.

For a neat appearance, it is best not to split the groups of bulbs, but plant each potful whole. Remove them carefully from the pot, trying not to break up the rootball, and plant the clusters close together.

Fill the gaps between the bulbs with compost, firming it down with your fingers to make sure that there are no voids. Try not to plant the groups of bulbs any deeper than they were in their original pots.

18. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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