Spiraea Pruhoniciana or Pruhonice Spiraea

Spiraea Pruhoniciana

Pruhonice Spiraea


Spiraea Pruhoniciana

The Pruhonice spiraea was raised in 1913 as a hybrid of Spiraea bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’ (a cross between S. japonica and S. albiflora) and acquired its name from its place of origin, the Pruhonice Park near Prague, now a botanical garden. It is a low, compact shrub up to 60 cm (24 in) high which bears a profusion of bright pink flowers with darker centres in large umbels from July till late September. It is a late-flowering spiraea, as are also the following species: Spiraea bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’, flowering from July till September; Spiraea bullata and Spiraea menziessii, flowering somewhat earlier, from June till August. The commonly grown Spiraea douglasii flowers from July till August and Spiraea veitchii from June till July.

Early-flowering species include Spiraea arguta; Spiraea hypericifolia, beginning to flower as early as the end of April; Spiraea crenata and Spiraea thunbergii, both flowering from early May; Spiraea trichocarpa, Spiraea trilobata and Spiraea vanhouttei, plus others that begin to flower at the end of May.

With the wide variety of colour available, ranging from white to dark red or purple, it can be seen that spiraeas afford a good choice of combinations for use in parks and gardens. They are suitable for planting in large lawn areas and in groups or rows beside paths or alongside walls. In small gardens they are also effective as solitary specimens, especially on a lawn.

02. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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