(deciduous leaf-losing)

Several spiraeas are popular shrubs and most are easily grown in ordinary garden soil. Plant from September to March.

Spiraea arguta, 6 to 8 ft., popularly called the bridal wreath, as its thin twigs are wreathed in small white flowers in May.

S. japonica Anthony Waterer, 3 to 4 ft., flat heads of carmine flowers from July to August; must be pruned hard in April.

S. prunifolia plena, 6 ft., bears small double white flowers on its slender twigs in May. Good autumn colour.

S. thunbergii, 5 ft., bears white flowers in April, and is grown for the scarlet and orange colour of its leaves in autumn.

The leaves and flowers of Spiraea japonica, a ...

The leaves and flowers of Spiraea japonica, a plant of the Spiraea genus. The picture was taken at approximately 13:30 UTC under conditions of thin cloud. The equipment used was a Toshiba PDR-M1 digital camera in Auto and Macro modes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

18. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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