Spindle or Burning bush

Euonymus alatus

The burning bush or winged spindle, a deciduous tree and member of the celestraceae family, is native to east Asia. It is a densely-branched, spreading shrub growing up to 3 m (10 ft) high and wide. The greenish-yellow flowers that appear in spring are quite inconspicuous but the green leaves turn a fiery red in autumn. The spindle tree ‘Red Cascade’ (E. europaeus) is very popular because of its autumn colours and red fruit.

Euonymus grows in sun or partial shade. It is very undemanding but needs regular watering in summer like all container-grown plants as well as an application of fertilizer every 14 days. The soil should be slightly acid. Unwanted shoots can be removed and larger specimens can be trimmed to the required shape. Green cuttings taken in spring, dusted with rooting powder, will root very easily. Varieties of E fortuneiare grown as standards and are also propagated by grafting. The containers should be protected from frost.

21. July 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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