(deciduous leaf-losing)

These are small or medium-sized trees, grown mainly for the colour of their leaves in autumn and for their berries. Plant from November to February in ordinary, well-drained soil.

Sorbus aucuparia (rowan or mountain ash), 30 ft. eventually, makes a fine specimen, and is grown for its feathery leaves and freely borne orange berries.

S. cashmeriana, 20 ft. or more, large white fruits.

English: A rowan tree (European Rowan or Sorbu...

English: A rowan tree (European Rowan or Sorbus aucuparia) and its leaves and berries, in Töölö, Helsinki, Finland, next to the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. Suomi: Pihlajan (Sorbus aucuparia) lehtiä ja marjoja Helsingin Töölössä, Olympiastadionin lähellä. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

S. decora, 25 to 30 ft., red fruits.

S. hupehensis, 25 ft., white fruits which turn pale pink.

17. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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