Soil Cultivation: Digging the Garden Plot for Vegetables or Plants

Soil Cultivation: Digging the Vegetable Plot

digging the garden vegetable plot

If it is essential to improve the quality of the soil in your garden or allotment, understanding a bit about soil cultivation is necessary. Digging the soil and rotating it using trenches is one method for improving soil quality.

Any plot of land to be dug can be converted at least approximately into a rectangle.

  • Divide the area roughly down its length with a line, as indicated on the diagram, taking out a trench a full spade’s depth at top A and piling it on the end of B.
  • A single trench of these dimensions is suitable for ordinary straightforward digging, but if the area to be dug is very weedy or a lot of rubbish is to be buried, then widen the trench by a half a spade’s width still keeping the same depth. Such a trench enables one to incorporate not only weeds but manure can also be forked into the bottom.
  • To get the best out of the operation of digging, skim off the top 2 inches of the platform on which the person doing the digging is standing and put this into the deepest part of the trench. This gets rid of weed seeds and debris as well as any larvae, pupae or eggs which may be laid by insects and pests in the top inch or so of soil. digging the plot
  • Dig down the length of A to C and if you have done the job properly you should finish up at C with a trench comparable in size to the one that you took out at A.
  • Now starting at end D take out a similar trench to the first one and fill in the trench now left at C.
  • Proceed back to B where you will find a heap of soil awaiting you to till in the trench which you should still have.

30. July 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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