Shrub verbena | Lantana Camara hybrids

These evergreen shrubs that are members of the Verbenaceae family are native to tropical America. Grown as shrubs or small standards they can reach a height of 1 m (39 in). The frounded heads of flowers are produced in summer. Flowers of different colours often appear on the same shrub. They thrive in the sun but should first be placed in light shade when being put outdoors again in spring. The soil-based compost should never be allowed to dry because this can cause the wrinkled leaves to go brown and die. Fertilizer should be given weekly until September. The best time for propagation by cuttings is between spring and summer. In winter it should be moved to a light, well-ventilated place with a temperature of 5-10° C (41-50° F).

Long, straggly shoots can be pruned in spring or the entire plant can be vigorously cut back if required. If the plant is cut back just before over-wintering, it can be moved to a cool, dark place with a temperature of about 5° C (41 ° F). All parts of the plant are poisonous.

04. September 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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