Scnecio laxifolius, 3 to 5 ft., another shrub cultivated mainly for its grey-green leaves, which are white on the underside.

English: Senecio ovatus (syn. Senecio nemorens...

English: Senecio ovatus (syn. Senecio nemorensis; Wood Ragwort, Fuchsschen Greiskraut, Pilebladet Brandbæger) in garden in Denmark. Origin: Harz Mountains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It produces pretty yellow daisy-flowers for many weeks during the summer, is frequently planted in parks and public gardens, and is used for roadside planting in many places. It is not perfectly hardy in exposed districts but is easily propagated by cuttings in a cold frame. Plant in an ordinary soil in April, preferably in a sunny position.

17. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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