Screens and Hedging for the Town Garden

One of the most important requirements for the town garden is privacy, and surrounding borders should therefore be designed to screen the view from both the inside and the outside, as well as to provide an attractive backdrop.

Woven board fencing, bamboo and lattice screening and trellis-work panels will do much to cover ugly walls or screen an unsightly view. Trellis work in a large mesh pattern of 9 by 12 in. or 12 by 15 in., and painted white, light blue or green, makes an attractive background and a good support for climbing plants, while trellis designed as a perspective screen makes the garden appear larger than it is.

If a tall, dense screen is wanted, and only a narrow border is available, erect a high, wide-meshed lattice or trellis, and clothe it with a large-leaved vine or some other climber, such as Clematis montana.

Plants should also play their part as screening if the background is not to become too austere. Place shrubs or, if space permits, medium-sized trees at strategic points.

Recommended hedging shrubs for a screen are yew, holly, Lonicera nitida, Pyracantha rogersiana and golden privet. For a lower hedge, use English and Dutch lavenders, rosemary, Berberis stenophylla and box, and include one or two floribunda roses such as Frensham if a flowering hedge is wanted. All these shrubs are also useful as partitions if the site is large enough to be divided into several small separate enclosures.

Ideally, borders should be 5 to 6 ft. wide if shrubs are to be planted in a single row, or about 8 ft. if planted in a double row at staggered intervals. If groups of hardy herbaceous flowers, such as campanulas, paeonies, Michaelmas daisies, Pulsatilla vulgaris and bocconia are planted between the shrubs, a border 8 to 9 ft. wide is advisable. The taller the shrubs are to grow, the wider should be the border. Choose simple outlines, for restricted space and the proximity offences and walls do not allow much freedom in border planning.

16. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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