Rubus – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Rubus ulmifolius bellidiflorus


The Rubus or Brambles are grown for their flowers, their fruits, or their white stems. Some are valuable for shady places or rough banks. Of the twenty or more kinds in cultivation, pride of place as far as flowers go must be given to the hybrid, Rubus ‘Tridel’, because of its shining, paper-white flowers, with a central mass of yellow stamens, looking not unlike single roses. These are freely borne in April and May, on arching shoots which may reach 9-10 feet in length.

Of the white-stemmed kinds, Rubus cockburnianus and Rubus thibetanus are about the best. They are seen at their best in winter when the leaves are off and the ghostly-white stems can be appreciated.

An unusual kind is Rubus ulmifolius bellidiflorus, which makes a wide spreading clump in a wild garden or may be trained back against a wall, or over a pergola or fence. It has double pink flowers in July and August.

All these shrubs can be grown in any kind of soil and may either be cut hard back to keep them within bounds, or be left to grow at will, merely cutting out the oldest wood each spring. The white-stemmed kinds look more attractive if they are pruned hard each spring so as to encourage the formation of new stems.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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