Rose Varieties – Climbing Roses, Rambler Roses, Shrub Roses

Climbing Roses

climbing roses Autumn Sunlight. One of the newest varieties, with orange-vermilion flowers in clusters. It flowers profusely, and gives a second display in the autumn.

Danse du Feu. A really bright rose with orange-scarlet flowers of medium size. They are produced in succession throughout most of the summer. It grows to about 8 ft. tall.

Golden flowers. This is a really beautiful climbing rose, with large, fragrant yellow flowers produced from June to September. Final height is about 9 to 10 ft.

Climbing Mme. Caroline Testout. An old variety, but as vigorous as it has always been. The flowers are very large and full, round, and a delightful pink. It is scented and grows to 12 to 15 ft.

Mme. Gregoire Staechelin. Another old rose, coral pink with crimson shadings. The flowers is large and strongly scented and the growth is very strong; it will cover a large area of wall, and grows to about 10 ft.

Mermaid. One of the most delightful of the climbing roses, this has large, saucer-shaped, golden—yellow, single flowers, with prominent yellow stamens, backed by glossy, dark green foliage. It may take some years to settle down, before it really starts to grow, but when it does it is extremely vigorous and needs much space. The flowers are produced in great profusion.

Paul’s Lemon Pillar. This has beautifully shaped double flowers, lemon-yellow to white, and scented, but it is summer flowering only, between June and July. It is a strong grower.

Pink Perpetué. This variety, introduced a few years ago, has Danse du Feu as one of its parents. The flower is pink on the inside, and carmine on the outside; it is slightly scented and very free-flowering, producing a second crop later in the summer. The dark green glossy leaves provide an agreeable background.

Zéphirine Drouhin. A very old rose indeed, first recorded in 1868, which bears bright carmine-pink flowers in July. They are nearly double, very fragrant, and there is a repeat crop later. It grows to a height of about 1O to 12 ft. if unrestricted, and the stems are thornless.

Rambler Roses

Albéric Barbier. One of the most vigorous of all rambler roses with coppery-purple young growth, shining dark green foliage which is almost evergreen in a mild winter, and creamy-white double flowers in July. It will grow well on a north—facing wall.

Albertine. A very vigorous and rampant rose, the reddish to coppery-pink flowers are produced in great profusion in June and July and are delightfully scented. It needs plenty of room to display its beautiful flowers and accommodate its growth.

American Pillar. This has single rose-pink flowers with white centres and golden stamens, produced in large clusters in summer. It is strong growing and needs plenty of room.

Chaplin’s Pink Climber. Semi-double, bright pink flowers in summer and glossy dark green foliage make this a most attractive variety. It flowers in summer.

Dorothy Perkins. Probably one of the most well-known of the ramblers, the small bright pink double flowers are produced in clusters in great profusion in July, particularly if pruned correctly. It makes a good weeping standard and is excellent for growing over arches or pergolas.

Excelsa. A rose similar to Dorothy Perkins but with bright crimson flowers, borne in July and August, but with no repeat in the autumn.

Paul’s Scarlet Climber. The flowers are large for a rambler but they have no fragrance; they are very freely produced. They are a vivid scarlet-crimson and are produced in small clusters.

Shrub Roses

Bonn. Originally this was classified as a Hybrid Musk, though it lacks the musk rose fragrance. It is a vigorous shrub rose with rose-red blooms suffused with vermilion, freely produced. It grows to about 6 ft..

Canary Bird. More correctly, though less frequently, known as Rosa xanthina sponzanea, this  variety has masses of single yellow flowers in May and June on a bush about 7 ft. high.

Elmshorn. A Hybrid Musk variety with deep carmine, double blooms, borne over a very long flowering period, but it is only slightly fragrant. It grows to about 6 ft. tall.

Felicia. One of the original Hybrid Musk roses, this is a beautiful variety with double, well-scented blooms of warm pink colouring, on a bush about 5 to 6 ft. high.

Friedrich Heyer. Officially this is a floribunda rose, but it is so vigorous it is better regarded as a small shrub. It has semi-double, rich scarlet flowers borne in large clusters and these have a good foil in the very dark green foliage.

Fruhlingsgold. A beautiful variety, with large golden-yellow to cream, semi-double flowers in May and June. It produces its arching stems to about 10 ft.

Fruhlingsmorgen. Similar to Fruhlingsgold, but with single flowers, pink in colour with yellow centres and maroon-coloured stamens.

Golden Wings. A beautiful rose making long arching growths up to 5 ft. high. It bears very large, single flowers in a delicate shade of pale canary yellow.

Heidelberg. An attractive red-flowered variety carrying its blooms over a long period. It is strong growing.

Kassel. A shrub rose of Hybrid Musk origin, whose scented flowers are deep cherry red and are carried in large clusters. The flowers continue in succession for a long time, on a bush 5 to 6 ft. high.

Moyesii. This is a species rose with deep red single flowers having cream stamens. The flowers are dotted all over the bush like butterflies, and are followed by large bottle-shaped red heps; the foliage is delicate and attractive, and the bush reaches about 10 ft.

Nevada. An outstanding rose, up to 5 ft. tall and with arching branches wreathed in June, and sometimes also in August, with large creamy-white flowers with golden anthers. It has few thorns, but it has the drawback of being susceptible to black spot.

Rubrifolia. Besides having purplish-pink blooms in June and July, this species has most attractive fern-like, greyish-blue leaves, tinted with pink. The heps are round and dark red, and the bush reaches a height of about 6 ft.

Scarlet Fire. A very showy variety with single scarlet-crimson blooms which are borne freely in mid-summer. The large red heps which appear later are also attractive. It makes a bush some 6 ft. tall and as much through.

Will Scarlet. Sometimes regarded as a Hybrid Musk, although it has little fragrance, this variety has brilliant scarlet, semi-double blooms. It makes a bush of up to 6 ft.

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