Rosa Rugosa

Rosa Rugosa


Rosa Rugosa

Rosa rugosa is a wild rose native to northern China, Japan and Korea. It is a shrub up to 2m (6 ft) high. The blossoms are large, up to 10cm (4 in) across, and coloured white or purple. The leaves are glossy dark green above and wrinkled and the large, spherical red hips are especially striking. The twigs are very thorny. The following varieties are sometimes cultivated: typica, purple; rosea, pink; alba, white; plena, double, purple.

Because of their height and fuller habit wild and shrub roses are grown in gardens as solitary specimens in grass and as dominant features at the end of access roads, beside steps and on the edge of patios. In parks they are also planted singly or in groups, usually by themselves, sometimes together with perennials and low-growing shrubs. They are also used in larger compact groupings, sometimes even as screens. They tolerate adverse city conditions. Their habit of growth and hardiness make wild and shrub roses particularly suitable for landscaping, for shelter or as cover plants alongside roadways.

02. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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