Rosa (Rose)

(D = deciduous leaf losing and E = evergreen)

The hybrid tea and other bedding roses are discussed in Roses, but many roses are worth growing as shrubs, either with other flowering shrubs or as isolated specimens. These include the species roses and also the so-called old-fashioned roses, which are becoming more popular. Many of them have a short period of flowering in May or June, others flower until well into the autumn. Plant in November or from February to March in deep, rich, loamy soil, dressed with decayed manure or rotted compost.

All the roses listed below are deciduous and grow to approximately 5 or 6 ft. There are a great many more in cultivation, and it is always worth visiting a shrub nursery in the summer to see the rose collection Among those that flower in June are:

Rosa alba semi-plena (white rose of York), white flowers.

English: Rosa 'Helen Hayes' (Hybrid Tea Rose) ...

English: Rosa ‘Helen Hayes’ (Hybrid Tea Rose) growing near the coast of New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

R. centifolia cristata (crested moss or Chapeau de Napoleon), pink flowers.

R. gallica versicolor (syn. Rosamundi), striped red and white flowers.

R. spirwsissima. Frtihlingsmorgen, single pink flowers.

Among those that flower in June and July are: R. rugosa Frau Dagmar Hastrup, large single red flowers.

R.r. Pink Grootendorst, small flowers with fringed petals in clusters.

Some that flower all summer are:

R. chinensis Fellemburg, crimson double flowers in clusters and purplish leaves.

R. Penelope, semi-double pink flowers.

R. Prosperity, double white flowers.

R. Wilhclm, semi-double deep red flowers.

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