Red Flowers and Red Foliage

Exploit the visual excitement of red flowers and foliage, in all their varieties, to create vividly colourful focal points, providing maximum impact and interest.

Of all the flower colours, red is the one that cannot be ignored. Our eyes are drawn by the intensity of all the shades of red, from pale cerise through cherry, Vermillion, scarlet, crimson, wine and maroon to plum.

Red flowers can be used very simply to make a startling splash of a single shade in a subdued room scheme, or in a combination of several shades to enhance and harmonize with existing reds in a room.

Seasonal shades

Red flowers can bring welcome, warming colour in the depths of Winter, when the world outside is dull and grey. Although we do not associate red with Spring, flowers like Tulips, in clear primary reds, can be used to create strong, graphic displays. Summer brings all the exuberance of the herbaceous border and the Rose garden, while Autumn is rich in both red flowers and foliage.


Seasonal variety

All year long, a surprising choice of red flowers, foliage and berried branches is available.

Spring is not normally associated with red flowers, but it produces some beautiful blooms: exotic Camellias, early-flowering Quince, blood red Wallflowers, vivid Tulips, Ranunculus, Azaleas and Rhododendrons.

Summer brings a wealth of red flowers: Roses grow in an array of velvety shades, as well as Stocks, Sweet Williams, Snapdragons, Peonies, Poppies, Gerbera and many flowering shrubs.

Autumn provides red flowers like Gladioli, Chrysanthemum, Amaranthus and Asters, which are joined by the red foliage of trees like Acer and Scarlet Oak.

Winter even offers red flowers, such as bold Amaryllis, traditional Poinsettia, Anemones, Dyandra, and Cyclamen. Berried branches like Pyracantha, Cotoneaster and Holly add to the Winter palette.

14. June 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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