Red-barked dogwood: Cornus alba

This deciduous dogwood, a member of the Cornaceae family, grows in the wild from Easter Europe as far as North Korea. In the wild, this erect plant has a very spreading habit. The yellowish to creamy-white flowers appear in spring, followed by whitish fruit. The varieties ‘Argenteomarginata’ which has green leaves with white edges and ‘Spaethii’ with green leaves and yellow edges are particularly attractive varieties. C. alba ‘Sibirica’ has brilliant coral-pink stems.

These undemanding, frost-resistant shrubs will grow in a sunny or partially shaded position. In summer the soil should be kept consistently moist and well-drained. They can be pruned at the end of the winter so that they do not grow too big. The colour of the bark of new stems is particularly intense. Tip: cut back only part of the stems so that the plant still flowers. Cornus is propagated by soft wood cuttings taken in summer or hardwood cuttings in autumn.

23. June 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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