Recommended Varieties of Apple Tree

D = Dessert C = Cooker

Arthur Turner (c), August to October. Dark green with slight orange flush. Flesh white, slightly acid. Resistant to scab. Mid-season flowering.

Blenheim Orange (D or c), November to December. Dull yellow with a slight flush. Nutty flavour. Susceptible to scab but resists mildew. Mid-season flowering.

Bramley’s Seedling (c), November to April. Large, bright green, greasy skinned. Susceptible to scab. Mid-season flowering.

Charles Ross (D), October to November. Crisp, large yellowy-green with a red flush. Good cropper. Resistant to scab. Mid-season flowering.

Cheddar Cross (D), August to early September. Slightly conical, yellow and red. Moderate grower. Early flowering.

Cox’s Orange Pippin (D), November to January. Dull brown-red russet. Susceptible to scab and mildew. Difficult to grow, but is generally considered to be the finest apple. Mid-season flowering.

Crawley Beauty (c), December to March. Green with red flush and stripes. Resistant to scab. Very late flowering.

Early Victoria (c), July to August. Greenish-yellow. Heavy cropper. Needs severe thinning. Mid-season flowering.

Edward VII (c), January to April. Round, dark green. Resistant to scab. Compact grower. Very late flowering.

Ellison’s Orange (D), September to October. Dull green, streaked with red. Flavour somewhat like aniseed. Blossoms resistant to frost. Mid-season flowering.

Epicure (D), early September. Excellent flavour. Heavy cropper. Resistant to scab. Mid-season flowering.

Exeter Cross (n), mid-August. Crimson with yellow stripes. Flesh cream, often tinted pink. Mid-season flowering.

George Cave (D), mid-July and early August. Brilliant red and yellow. Firm white flesh. Early flowering.

Grenadier (c), August to September. Light green, large and flat. Crops heavily. Mid-season flowering.

Herring’s Pippin (c), November to December. Large, dark red. Sometimes used as dessert. Late flowering.

James Grieve (D), September to October. Pale yellow with crimson flush and stripes. Flowers fairly resistant to frost. Mid-season flowering.

John Standish (D), December to April. Hardy, conical and red. Resistant to scab. Very good cropper. Vigorous grower. Mid-season flowering.

Lane’s Prince Albert (c), October to April. Large, green with red flush and stripes. Spreading grower. Late flowering.

Laxton’s Exquisite (D), September to October. Golden-yellow fruits streaked with red. Delicious flavour. Resistant to scab but liable to mildew. Mid-season flowering.

Laxton’s Fortune (D), October to Nov-ember. Conical, rosy-red, crisp and juicy. Spreading grower. Mid-season flowering.

Laxton’s Superb (D), December to March. Greenish-yellow flushed red. Resistant to scab. Often becomes biennial bearer. Mid-season flowering.

Lord Derby (c), November to December. Dark green and conical. Susceptible to scab. Mid-season flowering.

Lord Lambourne (D), October to November. Orange-yellow with crimson flush and stripes. Crisp, white flesh. Crops well. Early flowering.

Merton Prolific (D), November to Feb-ruary. Red with dark crimson stripes. Resistant to scab. Moderate grower. Mid-season flowering.

Merton Worcester (D), September to October. Scarlet with russet and red stripes. Resistant to scab. Mid-season flowering.

Monarch (c), December to April. Round, rosy-flushed. Stores well. Mid-season flowering.

Newton Wonder (c), October to March. Yellow and scarlet. Resistant to scab. Stores well. Late flowering.

Red Melba (D), August. Red, soft and juicy. Resistant to scab. Moderate grower. Early flowering.

Rev. W. Wilks (c), October to November. Large, creamy-yellow, with slight flush. Resistant to scab but susceptible to canker. Early flowering.

Ribston Pippin (D), November to January. Dull, greenish-yellow with russet. Liable to scab and canker. Needs hard pruning when young. Early flowering.

Scarlet Pimpernel (n), August to September. Crimson, crisp and juicy. Resistant to scab and canker. Early flowering.

Sunset (D), October to December. Golden-yellow with crimson flush. Delicious Cox-like flavour. Resistant to scab. Easy to grow. Early flowering.

Tydeman’s Early Worcester (D), August to September. Crimson,conical,delicious. Ripens 10 days earlier than Worcester Pearmain and has better flavour. Mid-season flowering.

Tydeman’s I.ate Orange (D), January to April. Rich orange-red, juicy. Resistant to scab. Shrivels in store so pick very late. Mid-season flowering.

Upton Pyne (c), January to March. Conical, yellow, slightly striped with pink. Most beautiful apple blossom known. Early flowering.

Wagener (c), December to April. Yellowy-green with one red cheek. Easy to grow. Will keep until July. Resistant to attack from pests and fungi. Mid-season flowering.

Winston (n), March to May. Highly coloured scarlet. Resistant to scab. Crops heavily and should be thinned early. Late flowering.

Worcester Pearmain (D), September to October. Conical, brilliant red. Liable to sawfly maggots but resistant to mildew. A tip bearer so not often used for cordons. Mid-season flowering.

Plant bush trees in the open 15 ft. apart, and keep them staked firmly until they are several years old and well established.

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