Propagating Roses – Growing Roses from Rose Seeds

Growing Roses from Rose Seeds

Roses can be readily raised from seeds, but this is a method of propagation which should only be used for stocks and species, or for definite crosses between garden roses which have been made with the intention of producing new varieties. It is not worth while raising roses haphazard from seed as the results are likely to be most disappointing.


Cleaning Rose Seeds

In all cases the procedure is the same. The fruits or hips are gathered in the autumn when ripe and are placed in layers between sand or peat litter in boxes. These should be stood out of doors in a position exposed to frost, as this will encourage the rapid decay of the fleshy part of the fruits.

rose seeds in the rose hip To facilitate this decay, the sand or peat should be kept moist. Do take precautions against mice by encasing the boxes in fine wire netting. It is surprising what trouble they will go to in order to reach such a ready-made winter store of seeds!

By the following  March it should be possible to clean the pulp from the seeds. It is a help to place the whole mass in a fine flour sieve and hold this under a tap, so forcing the pulp through the sieve but leaving the seeds in it. Another simple method I find useful is to squeeze the pulp through muslin by twisting it tightly.


Sowing Rose Seeds

rose seeds The rose seeds should be sown in shallow drills in an open but sheltered position out of doors. The drills must be 15 inches apart and the seeds sown evenly and covered with half an inch of fine soil.

Germination is sometimes irregular and a seed bed should not be destroyed for at least a year. The seedlings may be transplanted to nursery beds as they grow to a size which makes handling easy. They will need some nursing in the way of shading, sheltering from wind, and watering until they gain strength and become well hardened.

Seed of crosses between garden roses specially made with the intention of producing new varieties is usually germinated in a frame or greenhouse, in beds of sandy soil if a large number of seeds is being sown or in pots or pans if there are only a few seeds.

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