Propagating Roses by Layering

Propagating Roses – Layering

If only a few plants are required, roses with long flexible stems can be increased by layering. Multiflora-type ramblers and those bred from R. wichuraiana root easily by this method; indeed ‘Temple Bells’, a cultivar closely related to that species, will, if grown as a ground-cover shrub, root naturally where it comes into contact with the soil.

propagating plants by layering The stem can be cut halfway through or some bark removed some way back from the growing tip, and if it is pegged down into a sand-peat compost, rooting will soon take place, especially if the compost is kept moist. A year or so afterwards the new growth can be separated by cutting the section of stem between the new roots and the parent plant, and it can then be planted where required.

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11. March 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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