Potted Spring Bulbs

Bursting with new life, Spring bulbs, potted in bowls that complement their flowers’ glorious colours, bring a sense of optimism to any room at Winter’s end.

Spring is often associated with the arrival of the first flowers, from bulbs carefully potted-up during the shortening days of the previous Autumn. It may still be freezing outside, and snow may even cover the ground, but the sight of the emerging blooms, with their promise of re-awakening life and refreshing bright colours, has an appeal that lifts the spirits.

Ample choice

Spring bulbs that can be grown indoors range from the porcelain-like delicacy of the first Snowdrops, Scillas and Chionodoxa, through the intense mauves and golds of Crocus and the soft pastels of Primulas, to the wonderful variety of Daffodils and Narcissi. Tulips, prized for centuries for their striking shapes and colours, occur in ever-increasing hybrid combinations, while the heady-scented bells of Hyacinths can be intoxicating.

An element of surprise

A little care and forethought in Autumn, in choosing exactly the right bowl or container for the bulbs, can result in a harmonious and successful display, which can become part of a Spring still-life. The pleasure gained when both container and flowers prove to be well combined is greater because of the time that elapses between planting and flowering, and the element of surprise when the flowers finally emerge.

29. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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