Pink Weigela (Weigela Florida Venusta)

Weigela Florida Venusta

Pink Weigela



Weigela Florida Venusta The genus is named after the German physician and botanist C. E. Weigel of Greifswald. It comprises only 12 species native to eastern Asia and is closely related to the North American genus Diervilla, the two sometimes being classified as one.

Weigelas are mostly low shrubs of compact habit with thick foliage and large profusion of flowers. The leaves are opposite, simple, elliptical, toothed, and usually hairy. The flowers are borne singly or in clusters on short, lateral two-year-old shoots. There are five sepals and a tubular, bell-like or funnel-shaped corolla, which, unlike that of diervillas, is practically symmetrical and only sometimes slightly labiate. The flowers may be white, yellow, pink, red or purple, and appear in May and June. Pink weigela, native to northern China and Korea, is a compact shrub about 3m (10 ft) high with dense foliage and rosy-purple flowers.

Pink weigela, like Weigela styriaca, is propagated by means of seeds which are sown in winter or very early spring under glass. Both species, however, are more often multiplied by softwood cuttings in summer. Rooted cuttings are kept in a greenhouse or cold frame during the winter. Weigela requires a moderately heavy, humus-rich soil. It is intolerant of drought, and benefits from an occasional application of good compost which will encourage it to flower more profusely.

02. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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