Pieris – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Pieris taiwanensis


Double value shrubs are usually worth growing and anyone with a lime-free soil, of the type on which rhododendrons thrive, should grow pieris. if there is room for one only it should be Pieris forrestii (Pieris formosa forrestii) in one of its finest  forms, such as Pieris ‘Exbury Form’ or ‘Wakehurst Variety’.

Pieris taiwanensis The great glory of this evergreen shrub is in the spring or early  summer, when the young growths are developing. These  bear a resemblance to shuttlecocks on the ends of the branches, are brilliant red and remain so for some weeks before turning a light green, which turns darker as the summer advances. Sprays of white, fragrant flowers similar to lily-of-the-valley appear in April and May when the red young growths are at their best.

The shrub will reach 10 feet in milder places, with a proportionate spread. In less protected places a height of about 6 feet is more usual. In general, pruning is unnecessary, except to remove dead or dying wood.

Pieris formosa var. forrestii Where space allows, other species of pieris may be grown. Pieris floribunda, for instance, does not take up much room, as it usually grows only to about 4 feet and is, in any case, a slow-grower.

Pieris japonica, which ultimately grows to about 10 feet, has larger flowers that are produced in March and April, a little earlier than other species.

Another of these plants, is Pieris taiwanensis, which reaches the same height and flowers freely during April and May. None, however, has quite the attraction of the best forms of Pieris forrestii.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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