The best known of the ten species is Phlebodium aureum. It has deeply indented fronds and bluish, long-stalked leaves. Mature specimens can grow to more than 1 m (40 in) in height. The species suffix aureum (golden) is explained by the creeping, aboveground rhizomes which are covered in round, yellow clusters of spores. The variety "Maidaianum" has wavy leaf edges and grows to only about 75 cm (30 in) tall. "Cristatum" has curly leaf tips.

Phlebodium fernFamily: Polypodiaceae.

Origin: Tropical to subtropical America.

Position: Only in a bright position will the leaves show their characteristic attractive colouring. Even room temperature all year round; at least 16° C (61° F) during the winter. Will cope with dryish air.

Care: Water plentifully during the summer but avoid water-logging. Drier during the winter. Give weak doses of fertilizer fortnightly from the first month of spring until the first month of autumn. Occasionally mist. Repot in the spring if required. Do not cover the rhizomes.

Propagation: From spores and rhizome division.

Pests, diseases: Scale insects.

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