Persion Buttercups

Raised from tubers, or bought as mature plants for an instant display, Persian Buttercups provide a mass of showy, colourful blooms, which are offset perfectly by dark blue ceramic pots.

The showy, peony-like flowers of the Persian Buttercup come in a wide range of strong colours, which are perfectly offset by the dark blue of the ceramic pots used here. The result is a shock of vibrant colour which will cheer up a dull patch on the patio or in the garden.

Persian Buttercups are available, as mature plants from about March onwards, and are ideal for creating an instant Spring or Summer display. However, the plants will require frost protection in severe weather if used in early Spring. Place the pots in a sheltered, sunny position, and keep well-watered, allowing the compost surface to dry between waterings.


Inexpensive alternative

Persian Buttercups can be raised, far more cheaply, from dry tubers, which should be soaked in water overnight before planting. For Spring flowers, plant in late Autumn and protect from Winter frosts; for Summer blooms, start the tubers in a frost-free place in Spring, then move to their flowering positions at the end of May.


Place a good handful of crocks into the bottom of each pot, making sure you cover the drainage hole.

Then fill the pot to within 10cm (4in)of the rim, using a rich, peat-based compost and firming lightly as you go.

The soft foliage of the plants is liable to become tatty, especially if they are bought in leaf and are squashed into boxes for carriage. Check each plant in turn, removing any bruised or broken leaves.

Gently remove the plants from their pots, taking care not to squash any remaining foliage. Stand them in the ceramic pot to gauge their positions.

If using a mixture of colours, distribute them evenly.

For the best effect, mass the plants close together in the pots; finish by filling the gaps between the roots with fresh compost, firming it gently between them. Water the plants well, moistening the compost thoroughly.

17. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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