Peach : Prunus persica

This early-flowering member of the Rosaceae family, famous for its delicious fruits, is native to northern and central China. This explains why its need a warm, sunny place to do well, and in temperate zones, the peach, like the nectarine, will only bear a good crop of fruit when the conditions are absolutely perfect. Balconies and terraces are ideal micro-climates.

There are now excellent dwarf varieties that look like small palms but whose fruit is just as good that of their larger siblings. There is another advantage: they do not need pruning. With their beautiful blossom – which must however be protected from late frosts – peaches are extremely decorative. They need well-drained, fertile soil, regular watering and applications of fertilizer every two weeks. The pollen can be transferred from flower to flower with a brush to ensure fertilization.

08. April 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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