Paeonia Suffruticosa or ‘Beauty of Tokyo’ Peony

Paeonia suffruticosa

‘Beauty of Tokyo’ Peony


paeonia suffruticosa

The shrubby cultivar ‘Beauty of Tokyo’ has the same requirements as ‘Alba Crispiflora’, the same form and the same height. The blooms — which are also about 25cm (10 in) in diameter — are a lovely velvety crimson.

Propagation of woody peonies is not at all easy. When increasing them by means of seeds these should be stratified immediately after they have been harvested and sown the following spring. The growth of the seedlings is slow and, if well cared for, they will begin to flower after six to seven years. Besides, in the case of fertile forms (that is, ones with developed sexual organs) there is danger of cross-pollination which may affect the purity of the strain. Woody peonies may also be propagated by layers, which are well rooted within one to two years and after being separated from the parent plant may be planted directly in their permanent site as strong seedlings. Another method, the one most often I used and also the most complicated, is grafting either on to Paeonia suffruticosa or Paeonia chinensis (an herbaceous species) rootstock. This is done in late summer, and the grafted plants are then put in a greenhouse into a mixture of peat and sand. After the scion and rootstock are firmly joined the plants are potted up and put in a deep frame or else transferred to a cold greenhouse for the winter. In spring, when they have put out leaves, they should begin to be hardened off outside. They are put out in their permanent site after two to three years, at which time as a rule they also begin to flower.

Herbaceous peonies are much easier to propagate, best of all by division of older clumps in August or by root cuttings.

02. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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