(deciduous leaf-losing)

The hardy tree paeonies are among the most spectacularly beautiful of all shrubs. They are not difficult to grow but their young growths, which break rather early, must be protected from frosts in spring. Plant in a loamy soil in September, October or March.

Paeonia delavayi, 5 ft., crimson flowers 3 to 4 in. across, with a ring of golden stamens in early summer.

P. ludlowii, 6 ft. or more, clear yel low-flowers in early summer.

Français : Paeonia delavayi, fleur, Jardin des...

Français : Paeonia delavayi, fleur, Jardin des Plantes de Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

P. lutea, 3 ft., yellow flowers in June, smaller than those of P. ludlowii.

P. suffruticosa (the Moutan paeony), 3 to 6 ft., bears red flowers in May, and in common with all the paeonies listed here, the much-divided foliage is always décorative. There are a number of forms with semi-double or fully double flowers, often 6 in. across, in shades of white, red, pink or purple.

15. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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