Organic Greenhouse Gardening

Organic Greenhouse Gardening

organic greenhouse gardening A greenhouse helps you to make the most of your garden, all the year round. With its protection, you can grow a wider range of flowers, fruit, and vegetables over a longer period. You can raise transplants for the garden, giving them a good start before they meet the harsher conditions outside. It also makes a sheltered retreat where you can enjoy working on cold, wet days.

Growing organically in a greenhouse means creating a place where plants will thrive — with no need for chemical sprays or artificial feeds.In many ways this is an easier task than it is outside: the greenhouse is a relatively small area, where you are more in control of the environment and less at the mercy of the weather.

However, good day-to-day management is essential for success — correct watering and adequate ventilation, for example. Also, plants must also be well fed. In an organic greenhouse, nutrients are mostly provided by the activities of micro-organisms, which break down organic matter in the soil or potting compost, rather than by liquid feeds. This is the best way to give plants a balanced diet.

The plants and growing schemes covered in this site are for greenhouses that have no routine heating or lighting except that which the sun provides. A heated propagator or minimal heating to cover extremes of the weather are useful extras, but do not try to push nature too far. As you will see, you can still enjoy an exciting range of crops and flowers every month of the year.

In fact, the greater the variety of plants there are in an organic greenhouse the better. Fruit and vegetable crops and flowering, foliage, and pot plants from different plant families and with different growth habits not only make the greenhouse more interesting and attractive, but also help to establish a natural balance where pests and diseases are less likely to get out of hand. Some flowers will attract predatory insects into the greenhouse, helping to keep pests under control.

Good management, soil care and judicious choice of plants will all help to prevent problems in the greenhouse. However, you should still keep a close watch for signs of trouble. The last part of this site will help you to identify common greenhouse pests, diseases, and other problems. It also suggests specific ways of controlling them and, equally important, of avoiding them in the future.

28. November 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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