Orchid Types and Pictures of Orchids

Recommended Orchid Varieties:

Cattleya orchid types - Cattleya J. A. Carbone

Showy epiphytic orchids with large flowers, often in shades of purple, crimson, mauve and white. They flower at different times, should not be kept dry at any time but need far less water in winter than in summer. There are a great many varieties.

Coelogyne cristata orchid types - Coelogyne cristata

A small epiphytic species with white flowers in February and March. It is one of the easiest to grow and it rests in winter.


Orchid types - Cymbidium Probably the most popular genus today, with arching sprays of bird-like flowers in a wide range of colours many of which are seldom seen in other plants. There are a great many varieties, some relatively small, some large and most semi-terrestrial in habit, best grown in peat plus perlite or polystyrene granules. The main flowering season is March to June and they rest in winter.

Dendrobium Orchid Types - Dendrobium

Epiphytes with cane-like pseudo-bulbs and sprays of white, yellow, purple or pink flowers in winter and spring. They rest in autumn or early winter.


Orchid types - Lycaste Superficially rather like cymbidiums except that the flowers are carried singly, not in sprays. They require similar treatment.


Orchid Types - Miltonia Often strikingly coloured epiphytic orchids with flat flowers rather like enormous pansies They flower mainly in spring and summer and have no very marked resting period.


Orchid types - Odontoglossum A large and varied genus, mainly cultivated as hybrids. Those derived from 0. crispum carry their white or purple blotched flowers in arching sprays at various seasons, whereas orchid grande has much larger yellow and chestnut-red flowers carried in twos and threes in autumn or winter. It needs little water in winter but the orchid crispum hybrids should be kept moist at all seasons.


Orchid types - Oncidium A large and varied genus of epiphytes in which some of the most beautiful kinds make large, branched sprays of relatively small yellow-or brown-spotted flowers. They flower at various times but most rest in winter.


Orchid types - Paphiopedilum These are the orchids which most gardeners still call by their old name cymbidium.

Popularly they are known as slipper orchids because of the large pouched lower petal. Some are epiphytes, some terrestrial, but most will grow in a sphagnum moss and fibre mixture to which a little loam has been added. They have no pseudo-bulbs and so no resting season.


Orchid types - Phalaenopsis Often called moth orchids because of a supposed resemblance to moths in their white or pink flowers carried in arching sprays. They are epiphytic, flower at various times and have no pseudo-bulbs and therefore no resting season.


Orchid types - Pleione Small, almost hardy, easily grown, semi-epiphytic orchids with funnel-shaped white, pink, rose or pale yellow flowers in spring. They rest in winter.

Vanda caerulea

Orchid types - Vanda coerulea A beautiful epiphyte with large sprays of pale blue flowers in autumn. It has no resting season.

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