Olearias grow best in a light soil, and some of the most decorative are hardy only near the coast. Plant from September to November or in April.

Olearia gunniana, 4 to 5 ft., grows well near the coast, normally white-flowered but has forms with flowers in rose-pink, lavender or blue.

O.  haastii, 5 to 8 ft., multitudes of little white daisies in July and August, is the hardiest and will grow almost anywhere.

O.  macrodonta, 5 ft., fragrant white flowers in summer, grows well near the coast.

O.  scilloniensis, 4 to 5 ft., grey leaves, bears white flowers in May, which are larger and borne even more freely than those of O. haastii.

15. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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