Norway maple: Acer platanoides

This species grows in the wild in a woodland environment in Europe and Asia Minor. The bright yellow, fragrant flowers grouped in dense umbel-shaped clusters appear in spring and they are very popular with bees. The shiny, green pointed leaves have striking autumn colours that vary from gold-yellow to red . The ‘Globosum’ variety with its spherical crown is a particularly decorative plant for growing in a container. It will grow in a sunny to partially shady position and will thrive in moderately dry to moist soil, preferring acid soil to an excessively limy one. In summer it should be fertilized about every two weeks. This variety of maple is frost and pollution-resistant and tolerates periods of drought without suffering serious damage. ‘Globosum’ is usually grafted on a rootstock and grows in a harmonious shape without requiring any pruning. Besides aphids, this species sometimes suffers from leaf spot in the case of excessive moisture of the soil.

14. April 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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