Mediolobivia Cactus


From the Latin medius, middle, and Lobivia. an anagram of Bolivia; this cactus could be said to be between Rebutia and Lobivia (Cactaceae). Small cacti from Argentina, for the greenhouse or for window cultivation, they have ribs, which rebutias do not, while the flowers are similar to those of Labium, although smaller. They may still be listed under the generic name Rebutia.

Species cultivated

M. aureiflora, short stem with many small spines, offsets very freely, golden-yellow flowers. M. duursmaiana, makes a group of plants, with slender radial spines and long central ones, tube-shaped orange-yellow flowers. M. elegans, globular pale green stem, tufted growth with fine short spines, bright yellow flowers with a long tube covered in hairs and scales.


Pot in an average potting compost with ,- part added of sharp sand and other roughage. Repot in March every two years. They do best in a sunny position, and need to be watered as the soil dries out from April to September, but for the rest of the year should be kept dry. In winter, maintain a minimum temperature of 40°F (4°C) and 65-90 °F (18-27°C) during the growing season while watering.

Mediolobivia Cactus Propagate by seed sown in a good seed compost in pans early in the year, keep it moist, shaded and at a temperature of 70 °F (21 °C). Most plants make offsets, but it is difficult to remove them for cuttings without damaging the plant.

14. July 2017 by Dave Pinkney
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