Massed Effects of Flowers in the Spring Garden


DAFFODILS ANNOUNCE the arrival of spring. Whether in the wild or in the garden their assertive trumpets capture the imagination and bring cheer to the darkest of days.

Narcissus poeticus – The pheasant’s eye is beautifully scented. 45cm/1.5ft

♦ Remove dead heads after flowering but leave foliage to die dawn.

Narcissus ‘Hawera’ – Many bulbs are well suited to growing in gravel. Here ‘Hawera’ enjoys the good drainage. 45cm/1.5ft

Muscari neglectum – Dense spikes of blue typify the grape hyacinth which is tolerant of most situations. 10-15cm/4-6in

Aubrieta deltoidea – A carpeter to spill over walls or paths. Cut back hard after flowering. 5 x 45cm/2in x 1 x 1½ ft

Myosotis – No spring border should be without die much loved forget-me-not. Allow it 10 seed at will. 15 x 30cm/6in x 1ft

Alyssum saxatile will brighten the rock garden with its yellow flowers. 15 x 30cm/6in x 1ft

Arabis caucasica – A profusion of white flowers over evergreen foliage. Good for difficult spots. 15 x 30cm/6in x 1ft

Cheiranthus – The heady fragrance of wallflowers is one of the many joys of spring. 30cm x 30cm/1 x 1ft

13. April 2017 by Dave Pinkney
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